A little about Paula ...

My wife, Paula, provides quality daycare from our home and has been doing so since our two sons, J-P and Phillip, were very young. We decided raising our children at home with their own mother was the best way to go. Although our sons outgrew the need for daycare years ago, Paula decided to continue providing her undeniable talents to others. Her daycare parents, and especially her children, love her deeply. You can see her web page here:

Paula's Daycare

Paula is also a very deep and caring person. Her mother, her sister and two brothers and their respective families, J-P and Phillip, and yes, even Jake, are the things that matter most to her.

Paula is a voracious reader and almost always has her nose in a book. Now, with her latest Christmas present from Jake, she uses a Kindle too. Paula is also deeply involved with her family and sometimes loses sleep over their problems. She spends a lot of time with her mother, Elaine Bacinski (81 and going strong!), and the two of them manage to get down, every few weeks or so, to Elaine's house in Ocean City, Maryland. They both look forward to the time away from home and the opportunity to spend time together. Finally, both Paula and her mother dote - as only an aunt and a grandmother can do - on three of the latest additions to the family, her brother's triplets (Eva, Mary, and Paula).

Paula's Genealogy

Descendants of John and Agnes Paska
Descendants of Stanley and Anna Bacinski Descendants of Martin and Emma Novak
Ancestors of Paula Mary Hannam

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