A little about me...

First, almost everyone (except salesmen, my brother and my two sisters) calls me Jake. Until the 3rd of January 2009, the day I retired, I worked for the Department of the Army at Fort George G. Meade, MD. I had a number of responsibilites, of course, but what I enjoyed most was maintaining two separate web sites. Now, of course, someone else is responsible for them..

I spend my spare time researching my family's genealogy, writing, and trying to master a number of graphics programs (After Effects, Premiere, Vegas, Photoshop, Painter and others I find interesting). I also play online poker. I've published a children's story, Uncle Jake's Hat, and recently published a collection of essays written by my mother, Look Not Down. I am currently working on a novel, Murder on the Cohansey, but only in fits and starts. Stay tuned on that ...

Some people consider me boring because I don't "do" the things others find exciting. I'm mainly just lazy! My family is all that really matters to me. I am very proud of my two sons and know they will do well in life. God blessed them with intelligence and talents most people would envy and I expect them to use those abilities to the maximum extent. I have always felt that God has a mission in life for me, as well, but I haven't found it yet. I'm still looking!

Jake's Genealogy

Descendants of Henry Pile Descendants of Jacques Cossart
Descendants of Brisse Monfort
Descendants of Nicholas Strauss
Descendants of Lorentz Hoffmann Descendants of Guillaume Deplancque
Descendants of Jacob Gangewehr
Ancestors of John-Pierre M. Hannam, Sr.

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